What is Zapkad?

Zapkad is a new digital business card app with Optical Character Recognition scanning, unlimited business card storage and newsfeed aggregator from over 100 global publications. Besides achieving cost savings, improved corporate image and productivity for organisations, it fulfils the current need for social distancing to exchange business cards without physical contact.

Your digital business card can be stored in a personal Zapkad NFC sticker or keyfob and contactlessly read by a smartphone. Prospects can instantly save your business card and number to their phones without typing, improving the chances of a callback. 

Wonderful!!! Great app!! Most importantly, it's user friendly, especially during this pandemic period, we don't need to exchange name cards physically! Save the trees, save the Earth!!

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You should also get Zapkad. It's free, just like Zoom Basic. I did, I use it in all of my Zoom meetings, and it is a game-changer for me. When we go back to LIVE meetings, or hybrid meetings, I'll keep using Zapkad.

Thomas Capone
CEO, NYDLA, New York

About Us

Ryan Tan,


We are Zapkad, an exciting Singapore-based start-up with a vision to disrupt a centuries-old industry – the paper business card, by offering a compelling alternative to improve the way we network.

Contact me at ryan@zapkad.com